My blog also in english?

by Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto on Wednesday October 31st, 2012

Always i wrote in spanish (i prefer say castillian) in this blog for the simple reason that it is easy,  but also because there is little documentation in Spanish, although it is one of the languages most extended.

However, from now i will start to writing  in english also, do not expect  it to be perfect,  lI’ll doing almost everything manually and a sometimes helped by google translator, the reason is by i want practice my english, i really want learn to speak and write in english fluently (but I’ll settle for acceptable), and also want share my blog in english because is a default language for the programers  and maybe the most extended.

For those who follow me in Spanish, do not worry, you will not find out about any changes, except that now in the widget area in the top right  exist a flag to select language, for those who followed me in their English, language will be automatically selected, the text that was in Castilian and will not be translated into english, but I will try to gradually translate the menu pages.

That is the first time I write in Spanish and then translate it into English, but my goal will one day do the opposite, of course I will mention that I have my first technical post in both languages  :D.

For the curious, I’m using the qtranslator plugin to do  my blog  multilingual.

4 thoughts on “My blog also in english?

  1. nicu says:

    That’s exaclty why my choice was English when I started my blog: only forcng myself to use it more will help with improvement. But I also try to compose it directly in English, no intermediary language.
    I stand by my decision, I think it has an added benefit: I can address a much larger audience and most people in my country working in tech, they can pretty much understand English.

  2. tatica says:

    Es un excelente plugin. Anteriormente estaba usando transposh, pero además de tener vulneravilidades, las traducciones no siempre son acertadas.

    Gracias a la recomendación que hiciste lo probé en mi propio blog y es fantástico. Un poco más de trabajo, per vale la pena completamente.

    • Richzendy says:

      Si se que ahora voy a tardar en escribir mis posts más tiempo, si antes me tardaba una hora ahora va a ser como mínimo 90 minutos, pero pienso que bien vale la pena intentarlo, tampoco es que todo lo voy a escribir en inglés también.

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